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The next meeting of the MCDEC will be on Wednesday, February 28 at 6 pm. The meeting will be at the West Regional Branch of the Mobile Public Library

REMEMBER! This meeting is after qualifying closes for the 2018 Primary. If you want to join or remain on the MCDEC, go to the Join page and download an Application form, then mail the completed form and qualifying fee ($25) to

Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee
P.O. Box 9282
Mobile AL 36691

Applications must be received by February 8.

5555 Grelot Road, Mobile AL

2018 Meeting Schedule

The MCDEC will meet every month in 2018. Meetings will start at 6 pm at the West Regional Library unless otherwise noted at the top of this page. Meeting dates are: February 28, March 29, April 25, May 25, June 27, July 19, August 29, September 26, October 18, and November 29.

Message from the Chair

The MCDEC elected Russell McKee as Chair
until the new Board is seated later this year.

Iím excited!!!

Great turnout for the special meeting last night! Great candidates prepared to lead the Mobile Dems! We are lucky to have their energy and engagement. Thanks to the members for caring enough to brave the cold. So many important things to do in 2018. Of course we will continue the resistance, but Iím starting to work on several high priority tasks including:

Outreach: Iím not much for labels. In my view, labels imply some sort of difference. In my world you believe in and embrace the Golden Rule in your daily living or you donít. Sure, I fall short but I never want to get into a zero sum mindset where I have to get ďmineĒ at any cost. I believe in the concept of equality and equal opportunity. I believe that the whole is always greater than the sum of the individual parts. I want to reach out and engage anyone of a like mind who cares about the direction of our country. I donít really care what ďgroupĒ that may be. Translation: Iíd like to develop an Ambassador Program. We have a diverse group with many interests. Iím a member of several groups and Iím sure many of you are also. Help the Mobile Dems connect with your groups to share ideas, information and opportunities for action. Be an Ambassador! If there is a group you want me to visit please let me know. Is there a volunteer willing to lead this effort?

Member Relations: Itís time to submit your application for appointment/election to the group called Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee. Itís not a social organization. Itís a sanctioned extension of the Alabama Democratic Party charged with executing the party responsibilities locally. We have real things to do; however, we are not precluded from doing extra things with the time left over from official duties. I expect everyone in the group to be active and involved. Meeting attendance is my minimum expectation. Please donít sign up if you think you might not be committed to attend every meeting and most events. News Flash! This is not an exclusive group. Donít get us confused with a private facebook page. We need to welcome everyone that believes change will come to Mobile County if we build a grass-roots, issue driven, multiracial coalition of engaged voters! Hair-on-fire passion is also acceptable and encouraged. Iíd like for each member to be part of a buddy system so everyone stays engaged and develops relationships outside their normal circle. Do I have a volunteer to develop this system?

Candidate Identification and Support: This is really two different things. 1) Who are our candidates; and, 2) how can we support them? Are we really going to take the kooks and radical right candidates as our only option? Ladies? I want to hear from you before February 9. What can we offer candidates? One thing is volunteers. I have asked several members to organize and support an ongoing Volunteer Program. We are not going to be mega-donors to any campaign but it would be tremendous if we could offer 5 or 10 volunteers a week to each candidate. More information on this program at the January 8 meeting.

In the Grab Bag: Work Smarter, Not Harder-Technology makes this possible. We need to upgrade our technology. Can you help? Fund raising-Cash-the most scarce political commodity. I need a Special Events task force. Messaging-Doesnít anyone have a brother-in-law that works for some media outlet? New Voices/Perspectives-maybe we should include this in outreach. Bring some new ideas to the table-anyone? Rotating meeting dates and locations? Town hall style meetings outside of Mobile proper to engage our farther away communities? We need them in the fold also.

Sorry, my short list got out of control. Bottom line: there is much to do between now and Election Day. Letís get started now. Iím excited. Join me.

More later...

contact us at:
P.O. Box 9282 ~ Mobile AL ~ 36691 ~ 251-219-8639

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