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  • This form will complete most of your Absentee Ballot Request
  • You will need to print it, review it, sign it, and mail it
  • On the printed copy, be sure to specify you want the ballot for the General Election
  • Per instructions from the Secretary of State, you should mark I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls as the reason why you're requesting an Absentee Ballot
  • Per Alabama Law, you must include a copy of your photo ID (a black & white copy from any copy machine is fine)

This may seem like a lot of trouble - but voting absentee means you'll have voted in the General Election. No worries about childcare, no concerns about rushing to the polls before or after work, no apprehension about whether you're on the voter roll.

(Click here if you prefer to download a blank application form.)

No printer? No problem. Call 251-574-6400 to have Mobile County Probate mail you an absentee ballot request.

We Encourage You to Send in Your Absentee Ballot Request NOW

Your Ballot Packet Will Not be Mailed until SEPTEMBER


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