Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee

2018 Candidates for MCDEC

There are six (6) male seats and six (6) female seats available in each CountyCommission District. Districts that had more than six candidates of a particular gender are marked with an asterisk (*) and will be included on the primary ballot. The candidates below are listed by gender and by Commission District.

County Commission District 1



David M. Allen

Pat Edington

Ledell Cleveland, Jr.

Virginia Edington

Patrick Henry Crabtree, Jr.

Karen J. Faulk

Ben Harris III

Patricia Gonser

Gregory Lamar Harris

Dianne Sirmon Martin

Randall A. Hayes

Heidi Sunday

Andy Mitchell


Kinnon Phillips


Ben Sumrall


Jerry Maurice Williams



County Commission District 2



Robert A. "Bob" Beckerle

Vivian S. Beckerle

Robert E. Clopton, Sr.

Arleen Cunningham Easley

John Paul Bradley Jones

Debbie Ashley Easley

Phillip Lambert

Nina Ford Johnson

Jim ONeill

Dianne Jones

Nathaniel Robertson

LaRhonda Pears


County Commission District 3



Henry Brewster

Kimberly Albins

Tom Holmes

Barbara Brewster

J. William McConnell

Aisha Kibibi Davis

Russell McKee

Jude Forsyth


Stephanie M. Gillis


Lynne Locklin-Hatch


Arianna McArthur


Lora E. McKee


Christian Smith


Taquitia Winn



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