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Qualifying for Democratic Candidates in Mobile County opens at 9:01 am on Friday, September 27, 2019. By law, Qualifying closes on November 8, 2019.

Once Qualifying opens you will fill out the Declaration of Candidacy form, have it notarized, and submit it and your qualifying fee to the County Chair or those appointed by him. The MCDEC hopes to have various locations for you to submit forms. Currently the Beckerle Law Firm (712 Oak Circle Drive, across from the Cottage Hill PO in Mobile) has volunteered to accept Qualifying forms/fees. You may also mail your form and fee to the MCDEC at PO Box 9282, Mobile, AL 36691. Be sure you allow enough time for the mailing to reach the Chair; it must be received by November 8. Make checks payable to Mobile County Democratic Executive Committee.

How much is your Qualifying fee? 2% of the salary of the office you are pursuing (under Alabama Code Sec. 17-13-47) Be aware that only the offices listed qualify with the MCDEC; state and federal office candidates must qualify with the state party in Montgomery.

Circuit Judge
     Salary: $119,948.50     Qualifying Fee: $2398.97
District Judge
     Salary: $118,948.50     Qualifying Fee: $2378.97
County Treasurer
     Salary: $35,506.52     Qualifying Fee: $710.05
License Commissioner
     Salary: $85,136.04     Qualifying Fee: $1702.72
Revenue Commissioner
     Salary: $93,299.76      Qualifying Fee: $1866.00
County Commissioner
     Salary: $87,261.96     Qualifying Fee: $1745.24
County School Board
     Salary: $12,000.00     Qualifying Fee: $240.00

ALL candidates must fill out the Statement of Economic Interest and file their Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee forms. Both may be completed online. Please be aware that the Statement of Economic Interests MUST BE submitted to the Alabama Ethics Commission no later than the date you turn in your candidate Qualifying form.

Statement of Economic Interests
     ONLINE     PDF

Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee

More information about the requirements of the Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA) is available from the Alabama Secretary of State's office.
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You may also want to review the information provided on the Alabama Democratic Party website.
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